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Mark Gatiss: William Hartnell would be “amazed and delighted” with modern Doctor Who   Leave a comment

Doctor Who has changed a lot in 50 years. Even so, writer Mark Gatiss thinks that the very first Doctor William Hartnell would be “amazed and delighted” at the show’s modern incarnation.

Gatiss was on the BAFTA red carpet tonight in the hope of winning Best Single Drama for his take on the origins of Doctor Who, An Adventure In Space And Time, which brought Hartnell to life through Broadchurch actor David Bradley.

Speaking to, he added that, “I’m sure the actual pace of the show would slightly baffle him now but when I interviewed William Russell (who plays Ian Chesterton) in preparation for writing this script he said to me ‘you know what Bill would like the most?’ he said, ‘I’m on a stamp!’ He would have been unbelievably overwhelmed… utterly delighted.”

Looking back on the filming of the drama, he said: “It was fantastic. The whole process of making it was genuinely delightful – it was one of the best experiences of my career, which is what I hoped it would be. But the reception has been something else and not just from Doctor Who fans. It’s been so moving really.”

“People seemed to really get it on a human level. What I particularly wanted to do was to make it an everyman sort of story – it’s about someone losing the thing they like most in the world, so it didn’t have to be about Doctor Who.”

via Radio Times.

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▶ Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire – Doctor Who : Pilot Theme – YouTube   Leave a comment


The iconic Doctor Who theme music written by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop has been through many incarnations. This early version, which represents the early beginnings of commercial electronic music, was used on the pilot episode and appears on DOCTOR WHO: THE TARDIS EDITION on CD1 (William Hartnell) Track 2. This unprecedented selection from the Doctor Who musical archives has been compiled with the help of Mark Ayres and is only available in a Limited Edition eleven CD set until the 9th of May 2014. Full details:

The Reunion: Doctor Who – YouTube   Leave a comment


Sue MacGregor reunites five people who created and starred in the first series of a television landmark, Doctor Who. Fifty years later, those who crammed nervously into the BBC’s Lime Grove Studios in 1963 recount the triumphs and disasters that ushered in the longest running science-fiction series in the world.

When Canadian TV executive Sydney Newman was drafted in to revitalise the BBC Drama department in the early 1960’s, his idea for an ageing time-traveller who would illuminate both human history and Alien civilisations struggled to be successfully realised.

After a number of other directors refused to work on the project, a 24 year-old Waris Hussein took the job. The only Indian-born director within the BBC at that time, he felt the stern gaze of the ‘old order’ upon his work.

The first episode was recorded on the day President Kennedy was assassinated and transmitted the next day, despite concerns that the show might be postponed.

Doctor Who was played by the British actor William Hartnell. His sharp, sometimes grumpy demeanour came out of his increasing difficulty in learning the scripts, but the audience immediately took him to their hearts and the series had nearly six million viewers by Christmas.

Joining Sue MacGregor is Waris Hussein, the director of the episode, Carole Ann Ford who played the Doctor’s granddaughter and companion Susan, William Russell who played the Doctor’s right hand man Ian Chesterton, actor Jeremy Young who was the first Doctor Who enemy Caveman Kal, and television presenter Peter Purves who travelled with William Hartnell in the mid 60’s as companion Steven Taylor.

Produced by Peter Curran
Series Producer: David Prest
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4.

▶ Behind the scenes of An Adventure in Space and Time – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary – BBC – YouTube   Leave a comment


A look behind the scenes of the making of An Adventure in Space and Time, a special one-off drama that travels back to 1963 to see how Doctor Who was first brought to the screen. Actor William Hartnell felt trapped by a succession of hard-man roles. Wannabe producer Verity Lambert was frustrated by the TV industry’s glass ceiling. Both of them were to find unlikely hope and unexpected challenges in the form of a Saturday tea-time drama. Allied with a team of unusual but brilliant people, they went on to create the longest running science fiction series ever made.

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Doctor Who 50th anniversary title and schedule announced by BBC   Leave a comment

The BBC has announced a raft of programmes to mark the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who.

A 75-minute special called The Day Of The Doctor will star the soon-to-leave Matt Smith and David Tennant.

Smith said: “Hope you all enjoy. There’s lots more coming your way.”

Other highlights include a BBC Two lecture by Professor Brian Cox on the science behind the hit show and the drama An Adventure In Space and Time, written by Mark Gatiss.

The one-off programme stars David Bradley, of the Harry Potter films, as William Hartnell – who was the first Doctor in 1963.

Restored episodes

BBC Four will introduce new audiences to Hartnell, with a re-run of the first ever story. The four episodes are being shown in a restored format, not previously broadcast in the UK.

BBC Two’s flagship arts programme The Culture Show is to present Me, You and Doctor Who, with lifelong fan Matthew Sweet exploring the cultural significance of the BBC’s longest running TV drama.

A 90-minute documentary on BBC Radio 2 will ask “Who Is The Doctor?” – using newly-recorded interviews and exclusive archive material to find an answer – while BBC Three will be home to several commissions.

For those less familiar with the show, Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide will provide a handy primer.

Danny Cohen, Director BBC Television said: “It’s an astonishing achievement for a drama to reach its 50th anniversary.

“I’d like to thank every person – on both sides of the camera – who has been involved with its creative journey over so many years.”

Smith has already started filming his final scenes as the Doctor, which are due to air in this year’s Christmas episode. His replacement, Scots actor Peter Capaldi, was announced in August.

Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer on Doctor Who said: “50 years has turned Doctor Who from a television show into a cultural landmark. Personally I can’t wait to see what it becomes after a hundred.”

via BBC News 

BBC Doctor Who – David Bradley IS William Hartnell – the First Doctor   Leave a comment

The BBC has released the first official shot of David Bradley playing William Hartnell in the First Doctor’s costume. The photograph (above) also features the exterior of the TARDIS as it will appear in An Adventure in Space and Time, the BBC drama exploring the origins of Doctor Who.

Mark Gatiss, writer and one of the drama’s executive producers, said, ‘David Bradley brings every ounce of his talent, humour and presence to the role of William Hartnell. It’s a wonderfully touching and subtle performance and I’m immensely proud of both him and the film.’

Doctor Who fans will remember David Bradley as the villainous Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and Jessica Raine, who plays Verity Lambert (the show’s first producer), recently appeared in Hide. The cast also includes Brian Cox as BBC exec Sydney Newman, Sacha Dhawan as director Waris Hussein, Jamie Glover as William Russell (who played Ian), Jemma Powell as Jacqueline Hill (who played Barbara) and Claudia Grant as Carole Ann Ford (who played the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan). Reece Shearsmith is also on board as Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor) and Mark Eden, who appeared as Marco Polo back in 1964, returns to the world of Doctor Who playing Donald Baverstock.

An Adventure in Space and Time will premiere on BBC Two later this year and we’ll bring you more news as it emerges. But if you can’t wait for that, you can watch a special behind the scenes video featuring Mark Gatiss and the Daleks now!

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Recreation of Missing Dr Who Trailer, 1963 – YouTube   1 comment

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