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Frank Skinner Cast in Series 8   Leave a comment

Comedian Frank Skinner is to take a guest star role in the forthcoming series of Doctor Who.

Skinner will appear in one episode of series eight – the first with Peter Capaldi playing the Doctor.

The Room 101 presenter, a longtime fan of the show, said he was “beyond excited” at being given the role.

“It’s no secret that Frank’s been pitching vigorously to get into Doctor Who for a while,” said the show’s executive producer, Steven Moffat.

“He’s been volunteering to be ‘third monster on the left’ as long as I’ve been in this job.”

“But now, in Jamie Mathieson’s sparkling script, we finally have a part that can showcase all of Frank’s famous wit and charm. Hopefully he’ll get out of my garden now.”

Mathieson, a writer on Being Human, said that writing for Skinner was “very cool” – as the comedian had inspired his own career.

“I was a stand-up for a living for quite a few years,” Mathieson wrote on his blog.

“When I was trying to figure out how to do it in 1996, his first two stand up videos were part of my boot camp, so there is a nice synchronicity for me to be writing lines for him to deliver nearly twenty years later.”

The episode is written by Jamie Mathieson (Being Human, Dirk Gently), directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Strike Back, Combat Kids), and also stars David Bamber, Daisy Beaumont, Janet Henfrey and Christopher Villiers.

Other guest stars confirmed to join Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in the new series, which will air on BBC One this Autumn, include Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris.

via BBC News

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‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’ Image Gallery   Leave a comment

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*Possible Spoiler(s)* Clara..? – Doctor Who: Hide preview – Episode 4 Series 7 2013 – BBC One – YouTube   Leave a comment

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Christopher Eccleston to Feature in Doctor Who   1 comment

Christopher Eccleston is returning to ‘Doctor Who’ – as a voice from the past.

The 49-year-old actor was rumoured to be coming back for the sci-fi show’s 50th anniversary episode in November but decided not to reprise his role as the Ninth Doctor.

However, he will feature in next week’s episode ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’, which focuses on a spaceship salvage team which captures the TARDIS.

As they try and break into the time-travelling machine viewers will hear the Ninth Doctor’s voice say, “The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn’t get through these doors, and believe me they’ve tried.”

It is a line from ‘Rose’, which was the first episode of the new run of ‘Doctor Who’ which began in 2005 and starred Billie Piper as the Time Lord’s companion Rose Tyler.

It was revealed that Christopher had met with showrunner Steven Moffat to discuss the possibility of returning for the 50th anniversary special alongside Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and Tenth Doctor David Tennant.

However, he ultimately decided not to come back for the feature-length adventure, which will also feature Billie and current companion Jenna-Louise Coleman.

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Doctor Who: Cold War – Image Gallery   Leave a comment

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Doctor Who: new Ice Warrior image unveiled (SPOILERS)   3 comments

We got a tiny glimpse of the Ice Warriors with the release of a new promo pic for Doctor Who series 7b last week. But here’s the first look at the returning classic Who monsters in all their glory.

The design of this new Ice Warrior is pretty faithful to that of his ’60s and ’70s predecessors. In fact, the only major changes are an absence of fur on the creature’s body, and the presence of real, multi-digit hands, rather than the Lego-style ‘grippers’ the Warriors used to employ.

The Ice Warriors, who were last seen on TV in 1974, are due to return to Doctor Who in series seven part two as the antagonists in a new story by Mark Gatiss.

And if you enjoy seeing them in the new series, you’ll be happy to know their first ever Doctor Who serial, 1967’s The Ice Warriors, will be released on DVD this August.

Check out the new-look Ice Warrior, which was first unveiled by SFX

via Radio Times.

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David Bradley to play William Hartnell in Celebration of Doctor Who   Leave a comment

As part of the BBC’s blockbuster celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, David Bradley (Harry Potter) is set to play the first ever Doctor, the iconic William Hartnell in the BBC Two drama ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’.

‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ will tell the story of the genesis of Doctor Who – first aired on 23 November 1963 – and the many personalities involved. The BBC’s Head of Drama Sydney Newman, credited with the creation of the show, will be portrayed by Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Identity) and the producer, Verity Lambert, by ‘Call the Midwife’ star Jessica Raine. The director of the first ever episode, ‘An Unearthly Child’, Waris Hussein, will be played by Sacha Dhawan (History Boys, Last Tango In Halifax).

Commenting on his upcoming role, David Bradley, said:

“I’m absolutely thrilled. I first heard about this role from Mark [Gatiss] while watching the Diamond Jubilee flotilla from the roof of the National Theatre. When he asked if I would be interested, I almost bit his hand off! Mark has written such a wonderful script not only about the birth of a cultural phenomenon, but a moment in television’s history. William Hartnell was one of the finest character actors of our time and as a fan I want to make sure that I do him justice. I’m so looking forward to getting started.”

The one-off 90-minute BBC Cymru Wales produced drama is written by Mark Gatiss who will also act as executive producer alongside Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner.

Mark Gatiss, executive producer and writer, said:

“What a cast! I’m utterly delighted that everyone’s favourite Time Lord will be in such brilliant and stellar company. We have a terrific team who can’t wait to tell the fascinating and surprising story of how the Doctor began his journey through Space and Time.”

Filming begins at the beginning of February at Television Centre before moving to Wimbledon Studios. It is produced by Matt Strevens (Misfits, Skins) and directed by Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad, The Street).

Earlier today we were delighted to confirm that David Bradley would be taking on the role of William Hartnell – the man who played the First Doctor – in An Adventure in Space and Time.

But this isn’t his first foray into the world of Doctor Who… In 2012 David Bradley won plaudits playing the villainous Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and in 2010 he voiced one of the Shansheeth in The Sarah Jane Adventures: Death of the Doctor – a two-part story that featured Matt Smith as the Time Lord. He’s also well-known around the world for his portrayal of Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies as well as appearances in blockbusters like Captain America: The First Avenger and TV shows ranging from The Professionals to Game of Thrones.

As previously reported, he’ll be joined in An Adventure in Space and Time by ‘Call the Midwife’ star Jessica Raine who plays producer Verity Lambert and Sacha Dhawan (History Boys, Last Tango In Halifax) as director Waris Hussein. The influential Sydney Newman will be played Brian Cox whom fans may recall provided the voice of the Ood Elder in the Tenth Doctor’s farewell story, The End of Time.

You can see David Bradley as he appeared in Doctor Who in a gallery for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and he features in our behind-the-scenes video that detailed the making of the episode.

via BBC – Blogs – Doctor Who