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The iconic Doctor Who theme music written by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop has been through many incarnations. This early version, which represents the early beginnings of commercial electronic music, was used on the pilot episode and appears on DOCTOR WHO: THE TARDIS EDITION on CD1 (William Hartnell) Track 2. This unprecedented selection from the Doctor Who musical archives has been compiled with the help of Mark Ayres and is only available in a Limited Edition eleven CD set until the 9th of May 2014. Full details:

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Stunning and original, like everything about early Doctor Who the title sequence was like nothing ever seen on television before. The first title sequence consisted of a simple “howlround” or “howl-around” effect over the stark original arrangement of the Doctor Who theme.

While experimenting with a camera looking at a monitor showing its own picture, BBC Technical Operations Manager Norman Taylor, made the serendipitous discovery of “visual howlaround”. Bernard Lodge and a small team of BBC engineers created the finished sequence.

The Doctor Who theme was composed by Ron Grainer. Although Ron Grainer has always received sole credit for the theme music, Delia Derbyshire with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was responsible for all the arrangements for Seasons 1 through 17

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