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  • Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman winds down after attending Hollywood soirées
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Tvshowbiz | Mail Online. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Doctor Who’ star Jenna Coleman spends the day with her mother in Los Angeles, California. The English Actress dressed down in jeans and scandals as they browsed shops and had brunch at trendy Joan’s on 3rd. Pictured: Jenna Coleman…

    November 3, 2014

  • 51 Days of Doctor Who continues today with Alpha Centauri!A…
    WHOOGLE shared this story from borderline artistic. 51 Days of Doctor Who continues today with Alpha Centauri! A hermaphroditic hexapod, Alpha Centauri is an alien ambassador on the planet Peladon. With a high pitched voice, bit eye, and wiggly arms, Alpha Centauri becomes good friends with the Doctor. It…

    November 3, 2014

  • LISTEN: Debating Doctor Who: In The Forest of the Night, The End of the World and The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Following The Nerd. A forest sprouts up over night in “In The Forest of the Night” so Alasdair and Caroline discuss two other episodes that involve trees: “The End of the World” and “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe.” Are these episodes as…

    November 3, 2014

  • News Article – Peter Davison confirmed as host of UK Symphonic Spectacular Tour
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who. Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison has been confirmed as the host of a six-city UK tour of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in May 2015.

    November 3, 2014

  • Best of Blue Peter Commissioned
    WHOOGLE shared this story from On Screen- Entertainment Enhanced. Well, this is new! Celebrate 51 years of Doctor Who with CBBC later this week… The Radio Times have today announced the sudden ‘commissioning’ (re: schedule placement) of a one-off Doctor Who spin-off programme for broadcast on CBBC later this…

    November 3, 2014

  • Peter Davison to host Doctor Who music tour
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Daily Express :: Showbiz Feed. Peter Davison is to host the Doctor Who music tour next year[GC Images] The 63-year-old actor, who played the fifth Time Lord for three years from 1981, will be on stage for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular which will…

    November 3, 2014

  • Paddington Who?
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who News. A Paddington Bear statue designed by Peter Capaldi has been unveiled today at a press launch for the The Paddington Trail. The statue, called Paddington Who?, will be located at Greenwich Meridian from 4th November – 30th December 2014. Peter Capaldi,…

    November 3, 2014

  • Ipswich Regent bound comedian Frank Skinner interviewed
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Evening Star Sport. Frank Skinner brings his Man in a Suit tour to Ipswich this month Monday, November 3, 2014 10:27 AM Frank Skinner talks to entertainment writer Wayne Savage about enjoying tea and biscuits with an alien mummy, working up the courage to…

    November 3, 2014

  • Doctor Who: The Exxilons – Cover and Story Details Online!
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Big Finish News RSS. The first cover for next year’s run of Fourth Doctor stories is now on view…

    November 3, 2014

  • Overnight Australian ratings for Dark Water
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who News. Dark Water averaged 541,000 in the five major Australian capital cities and was the twelfth highest rating program of the day overall in the big cities (these figures do not include regional and rural viewers or time shifted viewers). Media Links: TV Tonight Doctor Who News

    November 3, 2014

  • The Impossible Girls Episode 25: Exterior Volcano
    WHOOGLE shared this story from The Impossible Girls. November 2, 2014 Our DARK WATER discussion episode! Tension is mounting, the stakes are rising, and we still can’t stop debating Clara and Danny’s relationship. Part one of the series 8 finale raises some fascinating questions about life and death -…

    November 3, 2014

  • Gallifrey Public Radio – Dark Water
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who – Gallifrey Public Radio Podcast. Is this all there really is? A simple question that has driven mankind’s curiosity, scientific research, and religions since the dawn of time. And in all this time, there is still no definitive answer. So what really…

    November 3, 2014

  • Michelle Gomez on Doctor Who twist: ‘Kissing Peter Capaldi was hell’
    WHOOGLE shared this story from All – Digital Spy – Entertainment and Media News. Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue. Michelle Gomez has joked that kissing Doctor Who co-star Peter Capaldi was like “hell on…

    November 3, 2014

  • Don’t Look Away (The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone)
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Philip Sandifer: Writer. Oh shit oh shit I need a new caption joke.It’s April 24th, 2010. Usher and are at number one with “OMG,” with Lady Gaga, Plan B, and Timbaland also charting. In news, the Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of…

    November 3, 2014

  • Dark Water – AI:85
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who News. Doctor Who Dark Water had an Audience Appreciation Index or AI score of 85. The Appreciation Index or AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. The score, out of a hundred, is compiled by a specially…

    November 3, 2014

  • TDP 428: Dark Water
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who: Tin Dog Podcast. #TinDogPodcast #DarkWater #DoctorWho #Podcast #Review   reprinted from wiki   Dark Water” is the eleventh episode of the eighth series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. The episode was written byshowrunner and head writer Steven Moffat and is the first of a two-part story;…

    November 2, 2014

  • The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast : Episode 46: Interference: Book One
    WHOOGLE shared this story from The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast. We first read Lawrence Miles’ some time ago with Alien Bodies, then paid him a brief return visit with The Adventuress of Henrietta Street, and now we’re going to crack open the two-book story that became a turning…

    November 2, 2014

  • In the Forest of the Night – Final Ratings
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who News. 6.92 million watched the UK transmission of In the Forest of the Night according to consolidated figures available today, which include those recording the programme and watching within one week of transmission. The final chart position should be available later in…

    November 2, 2014

  • The Scariest Moments in Doctor Who
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Probic Vent. It being the season for such things I thought I’d round some lesser-spotted moments of terror from Doctor Who. We’ll take it as read that the Weeping Angels and Daleks are frightening and while most of the stories of the Hinchcliffe and…

    November 2, 2014

  • Theta Sigmas Doctor Who Podcast No 85 Sara Kingdom and Review of Dark Water
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Theta Sigma’s Doctor Who Podcast. This week in the 2nd of our mini series looking at characters from the black and white era we track down SSS Agent Sara Kingdom AKA Jean Marsh and we review one of the most controversial episodes of Doctor…

    November 2, 2014

  • Radio Free Skaro #446 – The Moffat Master Plan
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro. The penultimate episode of Series 8 is upon us, with Cybermen, the afterlife, and Missy, who is revealed as….well, you should certainly watch “Dark Water” (penned by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay) before listening to the Three…

    November 2, 2014

  • Exclusive interview: Samuel Anderson chats about ‘Doctor Who’ finale
    WHOOGLE shared this story from CultBox » Interviews. In a break from rehearsing his new play, State Red, Doctor Who star Samuel Anderson gave CultBox some of his time to answer our questions about the life and death of Danny Pink. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ‘DARK WATER’ IF YOU’VE NOT…

    November 2, 2014

  • ‘Doctor Who’ actress Michelle Gomez talks about Saturday’s episode, playing [spoiler]
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Inside TV. Who is Missy? That is the question which has been troubling, perplexing, and generally bedeviling Doctor Who fans this entire season

    November 2, 2014

  • Doctor Who – The Last Dodo by Jaqueline Raynor
    WHOOGLE shared this story from The Blog of Delights. This Tenth Doctor and Martha novel is a fun read, the reliably witty Raynor providing a playful romp with a side order of conservatism. Wanting to see a Dodo, Martha and the Doctor are surprised when instead of Mauritius then…

    November 2, 2014

  • Dr Who’s NZ casting call
    WHOOGLE shared this story from – Stuff. Dr Who’s greatest enemy, the Dalek. Fancy a dash as a Doctor Who monster? Organisers of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular are looking for Kiwi actors and dancers to fill out the costumes of the strange, strange creatures the Time Lord…

    November 2, 2014

  • ‘Doctor Who’ gallery: Did you spot all the notes in Clara’s flat in ‘Dark Water’?
    WHOOGLE shared this story from CultBox » Features. Just before tragedy struck in last night’s Doctor Who episode, Clara was preparing to come totally clean to Danny Pink about all her adventures with the Doctor. Did you spot all the references to previous episodes written on the Post-it notes…

    November 2, 2014

  • Staggering Stories Commentary #129: Doctor Who – Time Heist
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Staggering Stories Podcast. Summary: Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins, Keith Dunn and Scott Fuller sit down, hustled, in front of the 2014 Doctor Who episode, Time Heist, and spout our usual nonsense! The Doctor has forgotten something, Clara has forgotten something, Psi has forgotten…

    November 2, 2014

  • Episode 157: Moffat is in Dark Water for This Review
    WHOOGLE shared this story from Doctor Who: The Sonic Toolbox. So, we’ve had the big Missy reveal.  And a few other “surprises”.  This here, then, is our review of the penultimate Series 8 episode, Dark Water. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS Link: What is a Dyson Sphere Download audio:

    November 2, 2014

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Peter Davison at Whooverville 6   Leave a comment


Part of the Peter Davison panel at Whooverville 6, shot on 30th August at The Quad in Derby.



Part of the Raffle Draw at Whooverville 6, shot at The Quad in Derby on 30th August 2014.



Actors from Dr Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures interviewed in The Podcasters Room at Whooverville 6.





Many thanks to Tim Drury

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Peter Davison and BBC America filming a promo for series 8 of Doctor Who – YouTube   1 comment


Ken Kopacki “They came round Saturday and wanted to use my TARDIS to film a promo bit for the upcoming series in August. How could I possibly say no?”

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The Four Doctors Q&A Panel – Comicpalooza 2014   1 comment


Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann reunite since the 5(ish) Doctor to put on an amazing Q&A Panel! They discuss how they got together for the filming of the 5(ish) Doctors, their regenerations and their time as the Doctor. So amazing to see them all together and a privelage to be a part of this panel.

▶ Exclusive! The Five Doctors — Official Doctor Who 50th Celebration – YouTube   Leave a comment


In an EXCLUSIVE video we capture the moment when a select group of Time Lords come together to mark 50 years of Doctor Who. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Matt Smith, all in the same space and time.

Interview with ‘Doctor Who’ star Peter Davison: ‘When I watch the show now I find myself asking my children what’s going on   Leave a comment

Best known for playing the fifth incarnation of the Time Lord and more recently for his role in ‘Law & Order: UK’, Peter Davison spoke to Neela Debnath at this year’s Sci-Fi Weekender about his time on the show, discussing the Doctor with his son-in-law David Tennant and watching the new series.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, what do you think is the enduring appeal of the show?

Well, there are several enduring appeals really. I think one is that science fiction has itself a very strong appeal because it’s almost limitless in its imagination. It can be doing all sorts of different stories. It can be doing a period story, a futuristic story, an alien invasion story, a story on other planets, and I think that appeals to those younger people with imagination. I think they’re drawn to it. It helps of course that we’ve managed to have several actors play one part, unlikely we could have got one to go on for 50 years. I was probably the first Doctor who grew up watching Doctor Who. Although he’s from another planet, it’s a strangely British character.

How will you be marking the 50th anniversary?

I suppose I’m attending some functions like this. I’m involved in some Big Finish 50th anniversary specials. Apart from that I don’t know. I do have a meeting with the producer of Doctor Who just to talk about events, things at Bafta. There’s a big celebration on the weekend when the series went out originally which strangely falls on the same weekend, that’s as far as I know.

You son-in-law David Tennant also played the Doctor, do you discuss Doctor Who much?

Doctor Who features quite highly in what we talk about but usually our experiences with it and whatever happens to be going on now. Both our children – he’s got a son Ty, I’ve got two boys 11 and 13, but they all love Doctor Who.

When you first took on the role of the Doctor was there any apprehension?

Yes, there was apprehension from two points of view. One is that I grew up watching it and it’s very weird to be offered a part that you’ve been watching as a fan. I felt young, the original Doctors were quite old and in my head that was a fixed thing, so I thought ‘am I too young?’ And then of course, it is a large responsibility, a heavy responsibility in a way to do that part because it is an important character for a lot of children. But it’s not really a children’s programme. So, it’s almost like a father figure. I felt the responsibility of taking that on. So, it took me a few days to say yes. But I kind of knew in my heart that I would.

Who came up with the costume and in particular the celery?

Well, I had the idea that it should be based around a cricketing outfit. My idea was then taken away and developed by the costume designer into something that was actually very comfortable to wear. I love it but it really wasn’t based on a cricketing outfit by the time they finished with it apart from the cricket jumper and slightly stripy trousers. The celery was a thing suggested by the producer and my only proviso was that it would be explained before I left the series. We got the very last episode and I remembered that they hadn’t explained it. So they inserted something into the last story to the effect that the Doctor was allergic – would have a fatal reaction to a certain gas in the Praxis range – and the celery is an antidote. In fact when the gas is present it will turn purple and then if I eat the celery I will be saved.

How did you feel when you heard the show was being brought back in 2005?

I always thought it would come back because it seemed to me like it had lost its way a bit I think, as things do after that amount of time. It got a bit tired in certain areas and I think it lost its focus – that’s the main thing. When I heard it was coming back under the auspices of Russell T. Davies, I thought that it was just in good hands. I knew he was a big Doctor Who fan and I know he’s a brilliant writer. It seems to me where it has its advantages now over the classic series is that it’s being written by all those people who grew up watching it. It’s Russell T. Davies first of all then Steven Moffat the producer, Mark Gatiss who is a big Doctor Who fan and they’re fantastic writers and they’re all writing marvellous stories. Of course David who was a big fan of the series growing up becomes the Doctor and so now it’s really being run by the people who were the fans.

Do you watch the new series?

I do watch the new series, yes, because my children watch it and I love watching it. I’ve got to that age now. Douglas Adams who was a script editor on Doctor Who once said to me; ‘the trick about Doctor Who is making it simple enough for the adults to understand and complicated enough to hold the children’s attention’. And I think I’m now getting to that point where I think I’ve moved into the older bracket, obviously I have, but in brain as well because I do find myself turning to my children saying; ‘what’s going on? What? Can you explain that?’ They go; ‘oh, dad, what’s happened is his…’ So, I’m now in that bracket which has to be simple for dad to understand.

You’ve had a varied career, what have you done to avoid getting typecast?

Well, I’ve never done anything for too long. If there is a secret, most things have panned out about three years, four years. Doctor Who I decided to leave after three years. Although it was tough letting go in a way it was a wise thing to do. I’ve never had a plan to be honest, maybe that’s been half the secret. A lot of actors I know who will go; ‘I can’t do that because that’s not the direction I want to go in, I want to be doing this’. I just let how I feel about a certain part be the guiding factor not whether it’s the right direction or not. If I think I’ll enjoy it, I’ll do it. If I don’t, I won’t.

You were in Law & Order: UK with Freema Agyeman who played a companion to David Tennant’s Doctor, did you talk about Doctor Who?

That was weird, we did. It almost becomes like a little family, the whole Doctor Who thing even if you’ve never worked with them and I hadn’t worked with Freema before that but I’d met her at various functions. It’s just very nice.

Why do you think police procedurals are so popular right now?

I was a fan of Law & Order before I was actually in it. I do not like programmes that are about something but then they’re actually not. So a hospital drama that’s more about people having affairs with each other then it is about a particular case. Sometimes in police dramas things are more about who’s having an affair with who in the police station or the personal lives of the police officers. So I think the attraction of procedural is that it’s not soap. From my point of view it’s soap-free. In Law & Order you don’t really hear anything, except finding out the facts of the case and the prosecution of the case. Someone’s not upset because he’s just broken up with somebody. There’s a tendency now in drama to turn everything into a soap and I don’t think the public necessarily like that. So, I think they’re quite grateful for things which are just about [cases].

What else have you got coming up this year?

After Law & Order I don’t know. That finishes in April. I’m doing a lot of conventions. I’ve just done a radio series which is science fiction called Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully, it’s fun to do those. It’s a comedy in front of an audience and then I’m just going to see what comes up.

For more information about the Sci-Fi Weekender visit

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Peter Davison Dead? ‘Doctor Who’ Actor Becomes Victim of Internet Death Hoax   Leave a comment

Peter Davison is dead. At least that’s what the Internet is saying. However the Doctor Who star didn’t die. He’s just the victim of an Internet death hoax.

Rumors started circulating this week about Davison dying. A post on Tumblr claimed the actor died, however Davison didn’t die. The post was nothing more than a rumour.

Twitter user @GIMMEAWRISTBAND claims to have started the rumor which quickly spread on Tumblr and on social media sites.

“I started a rumour on that Peter Davison died and it spiraled out of control. this is what happens with 2.4k followers,” the user wrote.

Despite the claim being false, many fell for it and took to Twitter to mourn and question the loss. Some examples of tweets include:

“pETER dAVISON DIED;;;; RIP fave doctor”


“Is Peter Davison dead, or…? I hope not :/”

“RIP Peter Davison <3”

Davison isn’t dead but will be filming a new movie called “Artful Dodgers” soon.

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