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The Four Doctors Q&A Panel – Comicpalooza 2014   1 comment


Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann reunite since the 5(ish) Doctor to put on an amazing Q&A Panel! They discuss how they got together for the filming of the 5(ish) Doctors, their regenerations and their time as the Doctor. So amazing to see them all together and a privelage to be a part of this panel.

▶ Doctor Who The Night of The Doctor & Peter Capaldi Interview – Emma Campbell-Jones – YouTube   Leave a comment


Doctor Who actress Emma Campbell-Jones, aka Cass in The Night of the Doctor, chats about working with Paul McGann, whether she’d like to see a Paul McGann Doctor Who spin-off and what she thinks of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.

Doctor Who guests at MCM Birmingham Comic Con & Memorabilia   Leave a comment

Who’s coming to Brum?

The MCM Birmingham Comic Con and Memorabilia show will be welcoming whole host of sci-fi special guests when it returns to the NEC on 22-23 March – and amongst them will be a Tardis-full of Doctor Who stars!

 These include Louise Jameson, who played Leela, the barbarian companion of Doctor Who’s Fourth Doctor, as well as appearing in over 200 episodes of EastEnders; Paul McGann, best known for playing the Eighth Doctor, as well as starring in 1987 black comedy Withnail and I; and Peter Purves, who while most famous as a Blue Peter presenter also played Steven Taylor, one of the First Doctor’s time-travelling chums.

 Then there’s Katy Manning, who played the third Doctor’s companion Jo Grant; Sophie Aldred, who accompanied the Seventh Doctor as Ace; Anneke Wills, who as the vivacious Polly travelled with both the First and Second Doctors; Frazer Hines, who played Jamie McCrimmon in no fewer than 117 episodes of Doctor Who; Geoffrey Beevers, whose Doctor Who appearances include playing the third Master in ‘The Keeper of Traken’ and John Leeson, best known as the voice of man’s (robotic) best friend, K9.

 Other guests with Whovian connections include Corrie regular Sasha Behar and Phil Davis (Alien 3, Whitechapel, Sherlock), who both guest starred in the ‘The Fires of Pompeii’,  and Catherine Schell, who played Countess Scarlioni in ‘City of Death’ but is more famous as Space: 1999’s Maya and Bond girl Nancy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

 Of course, these are just a few of the film and TV special guests attending March’s MCM Birmingham Comic Con and Memorabilia and we’ll be adding to the list throughout the run-up to the show – for an up-to-date list, please visit our website at

▶ Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Interview – Colin Baker on Regeneration & Peter Capaldi – YouTube   Leave a comment


Colin Baker chats about regeneration, Paul McGann’s mini-episode The Night of the Doctor, why Sylvestor McCoy and all the newer doctors are all imposters, Doctor Who fans and why he like to return to Doctor Who.

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