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Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver: 12th Doctor   Leave a comment

This faithful copy of the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Device has spring loaded extending action and unique touch activation.

Hold index finger against lower side of the Control Collar and touch thumb to the top surface to activate sound and light FX which operate in both closed and extended positions. Open the cap at the end of the Screwdriver to reveal the removable power core.

Requires 3 x 1.5v L1154 batteries (included).

Order from Forbidden Planet

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Doctor Who: Series 4 Character Building Micro Figure Display Brix   Leave a comment

Collect, build and now display your Doctor Who micro-figure collection with Character Building Micro-figure Display Brix.

There are 12 highly detailed and fully articulated Doctor Who micro-figures to collect featuring key characters from the hit TV show including the 12th Doctor and his companion Clara. Each constructable Doctor Who micro-figure is sealed within a large building brick so you never know which character you are going to get! Simply construct your micro-figure and place it inside the transparent Display Brix for all your friends to see. Build amazing towers and huge displays of micro-figures by stacking the Display Brix on top of each other. You can even combine Display Brix with any building brick or playset so you can have hours of building fun!

Collect’em, Build’em, Display’em! 12 constructable micro-figures to collect.

One random figures supplied.

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Doctor Who: Shower Curtain   Leave a comment

Shower in style with this wonderful TARDIS shower curtain!

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Adventures With The Wife In Space: Living With Doctor Who   Leave a comment

Neil loves Sue. He also loves Doctor Who. But can he bring his two great loves together?

In January 2011, Neil Perryman set out on an insane quest to make his wife Sue watch every episode of the classic series of Doctor Who from the very beginning. Even the ones that didn’t exist any more. And so, over the next two and half years, Sue gamely watched them all. The result was a wildly successful and hilariously revealing blog called Adventures with the Wife in Space.

But the adventure continues. Here Neil tells the all too true story of life as a Doctor Who fan. Funny, honest and surprisingly brave, he also captures perfectly the joys – and fears – of sharing the thing you love with the people you love. Adventures With the Wife in Space is, at its heart, the story of Doctor Who, and its fans, seen through the eyes of two people – one who knows almost nothing about the programme and another who knows way too much.

Order from Forbidden Planet 

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Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book 2014   Leave a comment

For over fifty years, Doctor Who has been one of the nation’s favourite programmes. Now you can discover just how much you know about it.

Straightforward or fiendish, easy or horrendously difficult, all 3000 questions in this book have one thing in common – a certain traveller through time and space. From Ace to Zoe and Axons to Zygons, it covers every single one of the almost 250 Doctor Who stories that have been broadcast since 1963.

So put on your brainy specs, pour yourself a nice glass of carrot juice and prepare to discover if you have the knowledge to graduate from Time Lord Academy…

Order from Forbidden Planet

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Tales Of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor’s Last Stand   Leave a comment

As it had been foretold, the armies of the Universe gathered at Trenzalore. Only one thing stood between the planet and destruction – the Doctor. For nine hundred years, he defended the planet, and the tiny town of Christmas, against the forces that would destroy it.

Some of what happened during those terrible years is well documented. But most of it has remained shrouded in mystery and darkness. Until now.

This is a glimpse of just some of the terrors the people faced, the monstrous threats the Doctor defeated. These are the tales of the monsters who found themselves afraid – and of the one man who was not.

(Tales of Trenzalore collects four of the Doctor’s adventures from different periods during the Siege of Trenzalore and the ensuing battle:

  • Let it Snow – by Justin Richards
  • An Apple a Day – by George Mann
  • Strangers in the Outland – by Paul Finch
  • The Dreaming – by Mark Morris)

Order from Forbidden Planet

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We reveal the author of the new Doctor Who adventure!   Leave a comment

Newflash: A 12th Doctor needs a 12th adventure by a 12th author – and Holly Black has got the job!

Holly Black’s new story Lights Out celebrates the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. Photograph: Huw Evans/REX

There’s been a lot of speculation on who is writing the 12th story in Puffin’s series of Doctor Who adventures – to celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the newly regenerated Doctor.

Twitter was briefly alight a couple of weeks ago with the incorrect news that it was Frank Cottrell Boyce and before that some diehard fans were convinced JK Rowling had the job!

But now the Guardian children’s books site can reveal the truth: it’s bestselling American sci fi and fantasy writer author Holly Black, who rose to literary stardom with The Spiderwick Chronicles.

“It’s a huge honour to get to write a story in such an amazing science fiction universe, one which makes for an ultimate writer’s playground with it’s flexibility across time and space,” said Holly. “I am a big fan of the series and of the Doctor himself, our alien hero who reminds us over and over of our humanity and carries a screwdriver instead of a gun.”

Now Holly Black who joins the distinguished list of authors involved in this exciting project: Eoin Colfer, Michael Stott, Marcus Sedgwick, Philip Reeve, Patrick Ness, Richelle Mead, Malorie Blackman, Alex Scarrow, Charlie Higson and Neil Gaiman.

Holly’s story is called Lights Out and will be available as an eBook and will be included in a paperback anthology of Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories on 23 October 2014, originally published (minus Holly’s story of course) as 11 Doctors, 11 Stories.


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