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▶ Joanna Page as Elizabeth I – The Day of the Doctor – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary – BBC One – YouTube   Leave a comment


Joanna Page, Elizabeth I in The Day of the Doctor, reveals why she had to take the role! 23.11.13 #SaveTheDay.

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Joanna Page: I didn’t even audition for Doctor Who 50th anniversary dream role   Leave a comment

I’ve wanted to be in Doctor Who for ages,” Joanna Page told Radio Times, speaking about her experiences filming the recent 50th anniversary episode of the long-running sci-fi series. And it turns out the Gavin & Stacey actress didn’t even have to audition to land her dream role.

“They just phoned and said, ‘Will you be in it?’ and I said, ‘Oh my god, yes, definitely.'” Although the Welsh actress – who is currently filming ITV’s new period drama, Breathless – did admit to being a little nervous turning up on set with not one but two Time Lords played by Matt Smith and David Tennant. “It was so much fun getting to act with the different Doctors but it was quite scary and intimidating at first.”

And while we don’t currently any details of Joanna’s role, we did learn more about her co-star in November’s special episode, John Hurt, when he appeared in the recent finale of series 7B alongside the caption “Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor”. So what was it like working with the Oscar and Bafta-winning actor?

“He is so much fun. He’s got the most amazing stories, he’s just fantastic. And you see him on set and he’s got that amazing voice and he doesn’t do anything – he just starts saying the lines and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, you are the best actor I’ve ever seen.'”

So is she struggling to keep details of the famously secretive plot under wraps ? “What’s scary is your script arrives and on every single page it says ‘Joanna Page’ over it so you know that if you leave it on the tube or if you’ve forwarded it to someone, you are in the s**t. So doing interviews I was like, ‘Don’t say anything. Make sure you don’t reveal anything.'”

via Radio Times.

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