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Alex Kingston on Matt Smith’s Departure (One Show interview 5 June 2013) – YouTube   Leave a comment

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TARDIS Newsroom – #DoctorWho News: Whovian News and Extras for Wednesday, 05 June 2013   Leave a comment

Quote of the Day….
DOCTOR: Hi, honey. I’m home.
RIVER: And what sort of time do you call this?
KOVARIAN: The death of time. The end of time. The end of us all. Oh, why couldn’t you just die?
DOCTOR: Did my best, dear. I showed up. You just can’t get the psychopaths these days. Love what you’ve done with the pyramids. How did you score all this?
RIVER: Hallucinogenic lipstick. Works wonders on President Kennedy. And Cleopatra was a real pushover.
DOCTOR: I always thought so.
RIVER: She mentioned you.
DOCTOR: What did she say?
RIVER: Put down that gun down.
DOCTOR: Did you?
RIVER: Eventually.

Click the link for the latest News: Whovian News and Extras for Wednesday, 05 June 2013.

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Doctor Who star Alex Kingston to appear on The One Show   Leave a comment

Alex Kingston, aka Doctor Who’s River Song, is a late addition to the line-up on tonight’s One Show.

The actress was last seen helping to save the Time Lord’s life in Doctor Who series seven finale The Name of the Doctor. Her future on the show was left open-ended, with fans currently unsure if she will be returning for the 50th anniversary special in November.

Whether any such revelations will be forthcoming tonight remains to be seen but hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker are unlikely to let Kingston leave the One Show sofa without discussing Doctor Who and at least speculating on what might be next for River Song – and who might be set to replace Matt Smith when he leaves Doctor Who at the end of the year.

Other guests tonight include singer Sharleen Spiteri and author Philippa Gregory, whose historical novel The White Queen has been turned into a BBC1 drama series.

The One Show is at 7pm tonight on BBC1

via Radio Times.

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TARDIS Newsroom – #DoctorWho News: Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 31 May 2013   Leave a comment

Quote of the Day….
RIVER: Incredible builders, the Aplans.
DOCTOR: Had dinner with their Chief Architect once. Two heads are better than one.
AMY: What, you mean you helped him?
DOCTOR: No, I mean he had two heads. That book, the very end, what did it say?
RIVER: Hang on.
DOCTOR: Read it to me.
RIVER: What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if one day our dreams no longer needed us? When these things occur and are held to be true, the time will be upon us. The time of Angels.

Click the link and celebrate River Song Day with Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 31 May 2013.

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BBC Doctor Who – Happy Anniversary River Song!   Leave a comment

River Song made her first appearance five years ago today, leading an expedition to The Library where she found the Vashta Nerada, Donna Noble… and the Doctor. Although he didn’t have a clue who this charismatic archaeologist was, she certainly knew him, recalling days he had yet to live with an affection that indicated they would become more than just traveling

In the half decade since that first encounter River has appeared in over a dozen episodes and we’ve seen glimpses of her whole incredible life. The troubled childhood where she became one of Kovarian’s pawns; the early Leadworth days with her mum and dad – Amy and Rory; her battles side-by-side with the Eleventh Doctor as together they fought Weeping Angels, the Silence and the Great Intelligence; the romance, the ‘wedding’ and even what the Doctor described as their first date… a jaunt to Berlin with a plan to kill Hitler!

River Song was the brainchild of Steven Moffat who described her as ‘funny, flirtatious [and] mad’. River’s crazier qualities have ensured she’s been a brilliant and unpredictable factor in the Doctor’s adventures but she also has a softer side that must have touched the Time Lord’s hearts.  “When one’s in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve-year-old,’ she once confided, “one does one’s best to hide the damage,” later telling Amy, “Never ever let him see you age. He doesn’t like endings.”

But today we salute River Song, also known as Melody Pond, also known as Mrs Robinson and frequently known to spread complete and rather wonderful chaos!

We’ve assembled some of our favourite River quotes, unveiled a new gallery devoted to her, created some spot-the-difference puzzles and even created a new quiz so you can find out how much you know about the daring Doctor Song!

If you need reminding about the life and times of River Song, you’ll find information, clips and more about each of her adventures. We’ve listed all her episodes below… Click on any of them to step back in time with River!

via BBC – Blogs – Doctor Who

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Alex Kingston: if Steven Moffat has River Song storylines, I will always say yes   Leave a comment

The Doctor Who actress discusses Glee, Donny Osmond’s naughty bits, the end of Merlin and why she’s joined the cast of Arrow

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t know whether you have it in Britain but my 11-year-old daughter and I are obsessed with Project Runway, a reality show about fashion designers. We even did our own version: we had an hour to design dresses for her Barbie dolls.

Whose Barbie won?

Mine, who very much looked like a Josephine Baker showgirl. My daughter was a bit miffed!

Living in LA, does anything make you blush?

We used to have Glee nights and my daughter’s friends came round, but it started to get a little too raunchy and we had to stop watching.

Did your mother stop you watching anything?

I remember lying on the floor, kicking and screaming, not eating my food, and still my mum was absolutely adamant that I couldn’t watch Barbarella. I’d seen a trailer on the telly and was mesmerised by the lovely male angel and Jane Fonda looking like a Barbie doll.

What are you addicted to?

The Killing. My sister bought me the box set. They did an American version but I don’t want to watch it until I’ve finished the original.

Who was your first crush?

I had two simultaneously: Donny Osmond and David Cassidy. I had a huge poster of David Cassidy’s head and combed his hair every night. Donny Osmond was life-size, sat legs astride in a banana-yellow suit with jaunty matching cap. Because of the way the poster had been folded, there was a hole where his naughty bits were, which I found so erotic! To this day, I couldn’t meet Donny Osmond without blushing.

Do you still catch British dramas?

Oh totally. Although, again, it tends to be ones my daughter and I can watch together: Doctor Who – naturally – and she’s into Merlin…

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news: Merlin has been cancelled.

Oh no! Has it? Oh what a shame. Thank goodness we’re only on series two so we’ve got a way to go.

Will River Song be returning to Doctor Who?

I’m so attached to that character. I never expected her to grow and develop in the way she has. You never know whether she’s going to be hard-ass or good. As long as Steven Moffat has storylines that include her, I will always say yes.

If you were in charge of the BBC, what would you commission?

More Panorama. It’s an enormous shame that there’s not that ambition to produce really good current affairs any more.

What attracted you to the comic book series Arrow?

Like River Song, my character in Arrow isn’t necessarily who she appears to be. Dinah walked away from her marriage after the death of her daughter, and suddenly reappears with the conviction that her daughter is still alive. You don’t know if it’s real or if she’s a crackpot.

You’re often cast as tough cookies – is that important to you?

It’s just happened that way. I’m tall, I’m big-boned so I never got to play Shakespearean heroines like Ophelia or Juliet; I was never offered that kind of role. But I’m not complaining.

Alex Kingston joins the cast of Arrow on Monday at 8:00pm on Sky1

via Radio Times.

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Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at Sydney Opera House December 2012 – YouTube   Leave a comment


Go behind the scenes with Alex Kingston (River Song), Mark Williams (Brian Williams), and composer Murray Gold, as they explain how this iconic series was brought to the stage at the Sydney Opera House.

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