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Peter Capaldi
With the brand new Doctor Who series in full swing, BBC Radio 4 Extra showcases the radio talents of the latest Time Lord, Peter Capaldi.

The News at Bedtime
4 Extra Debut

Satirical comedy with Peter Capaldi and Jack Dee as twin presenters Jim Tweedledum and John Tweedledee, bringing you in-depth news analysis as they break stories from Nurseryland. In this opening episode, they report on the scandal of Jack and his genetically-modified beanstalk. From 2009.
Thursday at 11pm
Comedy Club with Isy Suttie

Sputnik: The First King of Mars
4 Extra Debut
Originally one of five commissions to mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first satellite, Peter Capaldi reads this story written by Nick Walker. There’s plenty of time to think during the long journey to Mars. And the new colony will need governance. From 2007.
Monday at 11am and 9pm

The Further Aventures of the First King of Mars
4 Extra Debut

Peter Capaldi continues Nick Walker’s story where it left off with our fearless commander, previously employed to head-up the first manned mission to Mars, plummeting towards the planet with no thick atmosphere to slow him down. From 2008.
Tuesday – Friday at 11am and 9pm
Concludes next week


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