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New Doctor Who villain among galaxy of stars at Norwich sci-fi convention   Leave a comment

Fans of Doctor Who will get the chance to meet one of the villains who will take on new Timelord Peter Capaldi when Norwich plays host to a science fiction extravaganza.

Death in Paradise star Ben Miller, who will face off against the Doctor in the latest series of the BBC show, is one of a galaxy of stars confirmed for next month’s Norwich Sci-Fi Convention – organised and run by The Norwich Sci-Fi Club.

Now in its fifth year, Nor-Con will also feature appearances from actors including Red Dwarf stars Chris Barrie and Hattie Heyridge; Alice Krige, who played the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact; Torchwood’s Kai Owen; Power Ranger Samuell Benta and Ian Whyte, who appeared in Game Of Thrones, Prometheus and Alien Vs Predator.

Comedy duo Trevor and Simon, from TV show Going Live, will also be there, along with comic artists Lee Bradley and Lee Sullivan.

Jamie Anderson, the son of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson, will be taking some of the puppets from the show to the convention.

Mark Dean, Norwich Sci-Fi Club chairman, said: “We have some cracking guests!

“With Cylons, C3PO, Disney’s Frozen Princesses and much, much more it’s going to be a very busy day for us.”

The event will help raise money for two King’s Lynn-based charities, Scotties Little Soldiers – dedicated to supporting children who have lost family members serving in HM Forces and Red Wellies Brain Tumor Research.

The Nor-Con V convention will take place at the Holiday Inn, at Norwich International Airport, on Sunday, September 7.

Online ticket holders get entry from 9.30am, with general admission from 10.30am. Tickets are available online at or on the door on the day.

The night before the convention, people will be dressing up as their favourite film, television and comic book characters at a Cosmic Cosplay Party.

That will also take place at the Holiday Inn at the airport from 7pm. Tickets are available at or the UEA box office on 01603 508050.

via Eastern Daily Press.

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Into the Dalek: Next Time trailer – Doctor Who: Series 8 Episode 2 – BBC One – YouTube   Leave a comment


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Doctor Who Extra – Series 8 Mini-Episode 1: Deep Breath – BBC – YouTube   Leave a comment


A new series, a new costume and a new Doctor! Take a Deep Breath and go behind the scenes on the first episode starring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.

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The Origin of Regeneration – The Krotons Special Feature – Doctor Who DVD – YouTube   Leave a comment


After the post-regeneration madness of Deep Breath, its time to to go back to the beginning when the whole idea of a Timelord’s restorative powers were completely new to the Doctor Who audience.

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The Making of the “Half-Face” Villain   1 comment

In Peter Capaldi’s Aug. 23 debut as Doctor Who, the Doctor meets Half-Face Man — the principal villain in the episode — requiring London-based visual effects house Milk to replace one side of actor Peter Ferdinando’s head in 87 digital shots.

The mysterious villain wears a hat covering part of his face, half of which is a hollow cage that contains mechanical parts. This was a challenge for the VFX team, and the stakes were high, as the hotly anticipated 80-minute premiere episode of the new season was simulcast and screened in cinemas around the world. “An opening episode of Doctor Who always brings with it added pressure, and this also had the added weight of cinema,” said Milk CEO and co-founder Will Cohen.

For reference, the Milk team looked at other instances where VFX were used for partial face replacements, such as the character Two-Face from The Dark Knight. The Doctor Who episode had to be completed on a much shorter TV schedule and lower budget yet the episode would also be shown in the cinema. “The tracking had to be spot on. Some things you can get away with on TV but will be noticeable on cinema,” said VFX supervisor Murray Barber.

The Half-Face Man had a face that was nearly half CG, which, of course, had to give a performance that mirrored the live-action portion of Ferdinando.

For the live-action shoot, the actor wore prosthetic makeup with a cage that was black, to be filled in with CG. His head had tracking markers. “The prosthetic makeup helped us with tracking information, and for some wide shots we could get away without doing the CG,” Barber said.

Milk also took a 360-degree photo scan of Ferdinando’s head and created a 3D model. This helped the tracking team to lock-in reference points to his natural head shape.

In addition, a full-scale physical model was built for use on set both for a small number of shots and as lighting reference.

The CG hollow cage-like structure contains visible internal workings of his head that resemble the mechanics of a clock, with moving cogs, pistons and rotating mechanical parts. The VFX team also had to line up the CG eye with the actor’s natural eyeline and movement.

To light the CG face so that it fit believably into the shots, they photo-scanned the environments he appeared in.

Besides the CG face, Milk designed and created the T. rex in the opening sequence of the episode as well as the Victorian London cityscape, which included CG builds of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and St. Paul’s, along with wide fly-over views of the Thames.

Since launching in 2013, Milk has won a British Academy Television Craft Award for its work on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. It’s currently in production on the new 12-episode season of Doctor Who and the new TV drama Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, a seven-part miniseries due to be broadcast on BBC One in the U.K. in 2015. On the feature film side, Milk is working on Universal’s upcoming Dracula Untold and Scott Free’s Get Santa and recently completed work on Alex Garland’s Ex-Machina, which is set for release in 2015.

via Hollywood Reporter.

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Peter Capaldi learnt how to act by watching the Time Lord as a child   Leave a comment

“…I was such a big fan of the show when I was growing up. I think specifically the first four Doctors found their way into my DNA,” says Capaldi

New Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi learnt how to act by watching the the popular series as a child.

The actor made his debut as the titular character on Saturday night but insists he was acting like the Time Lord before he got the role.

Capaldi was an avid viewer and says the first four Doctors – William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, John Pertwee and Tom Baker – influenced everything he has done in his career.

Speaking at a special screening and Q&A at Odeon Leicester Square cinema in London, he said: “They are moments where we consciously touch upon previous Doctors and I introduce some of the little traits that are from them.

“To be honest because I was such a big fan of the show when I was growing up. I think specifically the first four Doctors found their way into my DNA.

“I think even if I hadn’t won the part if Doctor Who there still would be a little bit of them in the kind of actor that I am. Instead of going to RADA and bring taught how to act properly I was taught at the school of ‘Doctor Who.’ ”

Peter also revealed he turned to the two previous Doctors – Matt Smith and David Tennant – to get their perspective on taking on the iconic role.

He added: “I spoke to David and Matt quite a lot about the role. The fantastic thing is they’ve both been at the heart of this huge show.

“The series can be quite tough to make, it’s a fabulous job, but you are confronted by a host of new things. We went to the read through and there was something like 250 people there and I’m trying to figure out who they all were and what they all did.

“So making your way through this maze can be quite difficult. Jenna has been really helpful, but David and Matt and the old personnel know what it feels like to be in this position it’s a rather small and exclusive club in general. Peter Davison has been lovely too.”

Click here to read ‘Doctor Who verdict: Deep Breath didn’t need Matt Smith cameo, Peter Capaldi debut was impeccable’

The star was also joined by co-star Jenna Coleman and showrunner Steven Moffat, and the boss insisted the conversations between Doctors is “entirely private”.

He said: “When Matt took it over he got a letter from David full of advice and he would never tell anyone what was in the letter. So this inter-Doctor conversation is entirely private in many ways.”

The next episode Into The Dalek airs next Saturday on BBC One.

via Mirror Online.

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New Doctor Who Peter Capaldi: I miss my wife and daughter while filming   Leave a comment

The Scottish actor spent over six months filming for the eighth series of the popular Sci-fi show and said it was tough being away from his wife and daughter

He may be the new Time Lord, but actor Peter Capaldi admitted that time is something he’s struggled with when it comes to being with his family.

The twelfth Doctor has been filming the latest series for seven months in Cardiff, 150 miles from home in London.

And speaking at a special screening of his debut episode on Saturday, Peter sighed: “I have barely had time to seen my wife and daughter.

“I catch up with them and they tell me what plumbing needs doing.”

The Bafta-winning actor stars alongside Jenna-Louise Coleman, 28, who plays Clara. But he said he wished his TV producer wife Elaine Collins could be his companion.

He moaned he had spent hardly any time with Elaine and daughter Cecily, 21, adding: “Trying to find your way through this maze can be quite difficult.”

This month Peter, Jenna and producer Steven Moffatt spent 12 days promoting the series, visiting seven cities across the world.

But Peter, 56, who replaced Matt Smith as the Doctor, still thinks landing the character was a dream come true, ­especially being able use the time-travelling Tardis and meeting the Daleks.

He said: “Every day was a highlight. The Tardis is like a big wardrobe painted blue and it’s dark inside. You just have to open the door and be Doctor Who. The first scenes with the Daleks were amazing.”

Deep Breath, the new series’ first episode, was shown in London’s Leicester Square as it went live across Britain.

It got rave reviews online with an average audience of 6.8 million viewers on BBC1. Peaking at 7.3 million, it was the most viewed series opener in four years.

via Mirror Online.

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