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Doctor Who theme song by Brett Domino – CBBC Blue Peter – YouTube   Leave a comment


With the launch of Doctor Who Series 8, Brett Domino tells you all about the history of Doctor Who in this song. Featuring all the actors from William Hartnell to David Tennant, Matt Smith and new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi..

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The TARDIS crash lands on London’s iconic Parliament Square ahead of the Doctor Who series launch   Leave a comment

In an explosive return to the UK from the world tour, the Doctor – Peter Capaldi – and his companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, made a surprise appearance this morning at the site of a specially constructed crash-landed TARDIS on London’s Parliament Square.

Ahead of the eighth series returning to BBC One this weekend, the theme of the crashed time machine was in keeping with the feature-length opening episode, entitled Deep Breath, which sees the Doctor arrive in Victorian London to find a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions.

In front of the TARDIS and through the debris of dinosaur bones, the show’s transmission date can be seen emblazoned in the grass – Saturday 23rd August. Deep Breath airs at 7.50 PM.

Tardis toilet appears on Bristol to Bath cycle path   Leave a comment

A Tardis has appeared alongside a cafe on the Bristol to Bath cycle path – with a Victorian-style bathroom inside.

The replica of Doctor Who’s time-travelling machine was bought by the owners of Warmley’s Waiting Room Cafe.

They have spent the past few months turning it into the “Who loo”, complete with flashing light and Tardis sound effects.

Owner Justin Hoggans said: “It’s got everything you need; a toilet, sink, hot and cold water and a hand dryer.”

He said he was a big fan of the television show, a new series of which starts on BBC One this Saturday starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

Mr Hoggans said: “This is a replica [Tardis], made by a carpenter in York.

“We’ve got a doorbell we can press in the cafe that makes the sound go off, so we do it when someone’s having their photograph taken outside – which is quite often.

“The light is operated off a motion sensor so as someone goes into the toilet, the lights inside and on top of the box go on to indicate the toilet’s in use.”

He said: “We needed a toilet to operate. We’ve got public toilets just opposite us, but they were shut down for about three weeks last summer so we needed a toilet.

“We thought, if we’re going to have it let’s make a feature of it.”

via BBC News.

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