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Casting call for film of Tom Baker’s life   Leave a comment

The Letter, about the early life of Tom Baker, is heading for production soon. Here are some details…

Comfortably one of the funniest autobiographies we’ve ever had the pleasure is Tom Baker’s Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?, which we talked about in the Den Of Geek Book Club (which is a thing), right here.

Now, however, news has reached us, via The Digital Fix, that there’s a one-off drama heading to our screens that tells the story of Tom Baker’s early life. A casting call for a project called The Letter has appeared online, with the focus on “how a chance letter to the BBC when working as a builder’s labourer lead to him becoming the most iconic Doctor Who”.

The following roles, lists the casting call, are all required for a single day of filming. Given that contracts are on a “deferred profit share” basis and that “each person will be paid 1% of any gross profits made from this film”, it seems to be an independent production (“we are working on a next to nothing budget”). Whether it heads for big or small screen remains to be seen. Intriguingly, the role of Tom Baker has already been cast. But these haven’t…

  • Sue Gerrard – Tom Baker’s current wife
  • Driver – Male – Tom’s chauffeur
  • Anna – Tom’s first wife
  • Bartlett – Private nursing home doctor.
  • Alf – Tom’s father-in-law
  • Constance – Alf’s wife
  • Richard – Tom’s friend and Landlord
  • Laurie – Friend of Tom
  • Talent agent – From The National Theatre
  • Laurence Oliver – Director of the National
  • Peter – Tom’s Agent
  • Don 1 – Friend
  • Don 2 – Friend
  • Maude Spector – Casting director
  • Dianne – Pub Landlady
  • Bill Slater – BBC Head of Serials
  • Mary Slater – Bill’s wife
  • Shaun Sutton – Head of Drama
  • Barry Letts – Producer
  • Terrance Dicks – Writer
  • Lis Sladen – Actress
  • Jim Acheson – Costume designer
  • Nick Courtney – Actor
  • Michael Wisher – Actor
  • Ian Marter – Actor
  • Louise Jameson – Actress
  • Lalla Ward – Actress
  • Matt Smith – Actor
  • Steven Moffat – Producer/writer

It seems as though some Doctor Who monsters will be part of the production too, and that the film will span quite a lot of Baker’s life. How official all of this is remains to be seen. More details can be found at the official casting call notice here.

via Den of Geek.

Meet the star of the Tom Baker biopic

We speak exclusively to the actor who will play the fourth Doctor in The Letter, a film project that has already got the Who community talking…

Meet the star of the Tom Baker biopic

The makers behind a film of Tom Baker’s life – speculated by fans to be a de-facto sequel to An Adventure in Space and Time – have revealed details of the project to

Over the weekend, Doctor Who fans were intrigued by a casting call for the amateur film based on the life of fourth Doctor Tom Baker. Casting website To Be Seen hosted an ad for The Letter: “a film based on the early life of Tom Baker and how a chance letter to the BBC when working as a builders labourer lead to him becoming the most iconic Doctor Who.”

The ad appeals for actors for 29 roles – from Tom Baker’s wife sue Gerrard all the way up to Steven Moffat and Matt Smith – and says, “All characters will be required for 1 days filming in either London or Hitchin… Food, lifts etc will be provided and a deferred profit share contract will be offered. Each person will be paid 1% of any gross profits made from the film. This is NOT guaranteed and in any event WILL receive considerable exposure due to the theme of the project.” It also states that the role of Tom Baker has already been cast.

The company behind the 90 minute film is IBH Productions, an independent production company who specialise in entertainment events such as children’s parties, corporate events and a Doctor Who tribute roadshow. A showreel of their work can be found below, including their interpretation of classic Doctor Who.


The film will be directed by IBH Production’s co-owner Annie Albici, while the lead role will be filled by her husband and professional Tom Baker look-a-like Ian Brutten-Hall. According to IBH Production’s promotional material, Baker himself said in the ’70s that that Brutten-Hall, “looks more like me than I do.”

A showcase of Brutten-Hall’s talents are below.


Speaking about the project, Brutten-Hall said that The Letter is “based on fact, it is fictional. We’ve used poetic license to tell the story.”

The actor also added that the film has a very low budget, with it being funded by him and his wife.

“Luckily, that money is only going towards props, costumes and location sets. As far as the equipment, we already have that as we have our own production company. The great thing with modern technology, though, is that there’s more you can do with it. You are going to get quality. It’s not going to be something you see on Youtube, with a few people mucking around in jumble sale costumes in their back garden… It’s not going to be An Adventure in Space and Time part two, but it will be the same quality. It could be a distant cousin.”

The Letter is not affiliated with either the BBC or Tom Baker himself. Brutten-Hall has clarified, though, that his script has “gone through a copyright solicitor to make sure we’re not infringing on anyone’s rights. It is purely a tribute film.”

“Anything used in terms of Doctor Who will obviously be used in a documentary style, so the police box is not the Tardis, it is a prop that is used to tell the story.”

Tom Baker’s agent has told that, “We know virtually nothing about it and they certainly do not have our permission.” The makers behind The Letter, however, have said that they will make contact with the actor at some point.

The Letter is scheduled to premiere in the West End at the end of the year.

via Radio Times

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We will no longer be live streaming the fan Q&A event from the Doctor Who World Tour in Sydney. We’ve listened to your feedback and agree that it’s much more exciting for fans (both at the events and online) if the Q&A session takes place AFTER screenings of Deep Breath. That way, the panel will be able to chat about the Twelfth Doctor and the episode in much more detail. The World Tour is the first time that a current Doctor and companion have officially visited Australia, so we want to make sure that we make the most out of their time with fans.

We will still publish a (spoiler-free) highlights video from event within 24 hours of it happening, and a longer version will then be made available after Deep Breath has started to air around the world on 23 August.

We appreciate that this may be disappointing news to some of our loyal fans who are not able to attend event in person or were looking forward to the live stream, but we’re confident that this now means you’ll be getting much better, more exciting video content to enjoy.


Why has this been changed?

We’ve listened to feedback from our fans and we agree that it’s of more much value to have the event structured this way around – it will make for much more interesting Q&A session as we’ll now be able to talk about the Twelfth Doctor and Deep Breath in more detail.

How soon will highlights be made available?

Highlight videos will be published on our official Doctor Who YouTube channel within 24 hours of the event taking place.

I wanted to submit my questions online for the Q&A – can I still do that?

We’ll still be taking questions submitted online, but these will be picked out before the event starts. If you have a burning question for Peter Capaldi or Jenna Coleman please do tweet it with the hashtag #AskDoctorWho.

We’ll ensure your name is read out if we pick your question!


Fear not sweeties, the highlight video that we publish will not contain any spoilers. The longer cut made available after 23 August will have sections talking about Deep Breath, the Twelfth Doctor and more – so probably best to avoid that until you’ve seen the episode!

via Doctor Who.

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Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman Love Their Korean Fans! – Doctor Who World Tour – #DWWorldTour – YouTube   Leave a comment


The Doctor Who World Tour touched down in South Korea for its first stop outside of the UK and the Doctor Who channel joined Peter and Jenna as they met the incredibly passionate and creative fans of South Korea.

A few lucky fans in Seoul were the first people outside of the UK to see a special preview of the first episode of series 8 – “Deep Breath” and they welcomed the stars of the show with some brilliant costumes and a lot of screaming!