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No flirting but Peter Capaldi says Doctor still loves Clara   Leave a comment

Despite saying he wants no flirting in the Tardis when he makes his Doctor Who debut later this month Peter Capaldi has admitted the Doctor is still crazy for companion Clara Oswald.

Speaking to a packed audience at St David’s Hall in Cardiff after the world premiere of his first episode Deep Breath Capaldi said there is still love but it’s different.

‘I think the Doctor is crazy about Clara, he loves her in a very deep way that is not just about romance. It goes to a deeper territory of affection,’ he said.

This might please many fans as there’s been a fair amount of flirting in the last 10 years.

David Tennant’s Doctor fell in love with Rose Tyler and a version of him settled down with her.

Martha Jones fell for Tennant’s Doctor but it was unrequited.

Amy Pond locked lips with Matt Smith’s incarnation and Smith later flirted with new companion Clara Oswald.

Only Donna Noble was above it all.

Speaking about romance in Doctor Who, Capaldi acknowledged the show had to change.

‘The show has changed from the one that I grew up with and you have to recognise that and go with it,’ he said.

‘It’s a new thing. There’s a deeper well of love in it that was only touched upon in the [classic] show when William Hartnell (the first Doctor) said goodbye to his granddaughter. It was clear then that there was deep bond. And in a way… we touch on that again.’

However Jenna Coleman who plays current companion Clara Oswald says it’s not going to be an easy relationship between the pair.

‘She struggles with him and he’s a lot more of a handful for her and I think he has a mad curiosity that pushes him to different limits that really tests her. It’s not easy, but they’re bound together. ‘

via Metro News.

World tour launch event in Cardiff – Doctor Who Series 8 2014 – BBC One – YouTube   Leave a comment

Peter Capaldi’s inspiring quote for young people   Leave a comment

Asked by a young boy what he would do with a time machine, Peter Capaldi decided to make everyone cry at the world premiere of Doctor Who series 8

Already feeling a bit emotional after watching Capaldi’s stellar first episode and taking part in a lively QA session, the audience at Cardiff’s St David’s Hall could barely contain themselves when the last question was asked by an adorable wee boy, dressed up in an adorable wee suit as David Tennant’s Doctor.

“If you could go back in time and tell yourself that you would be the Doctor one day,” he asked adorably, “what would you say to your current travelled-back-in-time self?”

“That sounds like one of my plots,” writer Steven Moffat chipped in, before Capaldi gave a thoughtful answer that’s sure to speak to Doctor Who fans, nerds and generally everybody, everywhere.

“I’d say, don’t listen to what anyone says: you’re good. Go put your anorak on. Get your thick bottle-top specs. Draw your little cartoons and your comics and keep writing to the BBC.”

via Radio Times.

Will there be a 10th anniversary special to celebrate new-Who and the return of Doctor Who?   Leave a comment

With the Doctor about to debut his brand new face later this August, it’s worth remembering that his biggest ever regeneration happened almost 10 years ago. Although the show’s modern era is often referred to as new-Who, ‘Rose’ starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper first appeared on screen back in 2005.

Speaking at the world premiere of the new series in Cardiff, current show boss Steven Moffat reflected on emerging from the “years of shame”, back when his predecessor Russell T Davies was in charge.

“It was Russell doing it in those days, and I was lucky enough to write a two parter. I was absolutely confident, because I wasn’t in the firing line. I read Russell’s first script, which was so brilliant, it was exactly right. It was perfectly faithful to the old show, and yet it was the new show, and I remember thinking this is going to be the biggest show on television. I told them they had nothing to worry about: easy for me to say, they just looked pale and terrified in the way I now look pale and terrified.“

Yet the show has bettered even their most optimistic expectations. “Russell said ‘we could get 10 years out of this’. None of us could imagine that nearly ten years later it would be getting a bigger and bigger reaction every year. So that’s just phenomenal, absolutely amazing. It’s terrifying, but dear God I will miss these days when I’m back on BBC 28.”

So, are there any plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nu-Who, perhaps with a special?

“We’ve only just done the 50th! After the huge fuss over 50 years of Doctor Who, I think it’s time to settle down and move forwards. So we’re not planning that…unless I’m lying.”

via Radio Times.

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Peter Capaldi: ‘My Doctor is less user-friendly’   Leave a comment

Actor Peter Capaldi has promised that his Doctor will be “less user-friendly” as the BBC unveils his first full-length episode of Doctor Who.

“I was keen he be a little darker,” he told the BBC’s Lizo Mzimba. “He’s struggling with himself and who he is.”

The 56-year-old, who played abrasive spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, is one of the oldest actors to have played the TV time-traveller.

Yet the Scot joked that, if anything, he was too young to play the role.

I think the whole spoiler thing has taken over the media”

“I don’t feel elderly at all, and I don’t think the Doctor’s elderly, apart from the fact he’s two-and-a-half thousand years old.

“There’s a magic about him which is not about being in your 20s and 30s,” continued the actor, whose immediate predecessors – David Tennant and Matt Smith – were 34 and 27 when they first appeared in the show.

“We don’t consider the Wizard of Oz or Father Christmas to be too old. They’re still magical characters, and the fact they’ve been around the block only adds to their magic.”

Deep Breath, the first episode of the new series, had its premiere screening in Cardiff earlier and will have a second airing at the BFI Southbank in London on Thursday night.

The programme, which also features Jenna Coleman as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald and Samuel Anderson as new character Danny Pink, will be broadcast on BBC One on 23 August.

via BBC News.

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Peter Capaldi supports Doctor Who cosplay   Leave a comment

People love dressing up as the Doctor. You see it at every convention, signing and special occasion. The Cardiff premiere of Deep Breath, the series eight opener, was jam-packed with people in Matt Smith tweed and Capaldi cardigans. And it turns out Capaldi was thinking of these cosplayers when he chose it. Asked why he decided to match a long coat with a cardigan and boots, Capaldi explained:

“I wanted to wear something that people could emulate without going to any great expense.”

Intriguingly, before he arrived at this skinhead meets Bowie combo, Capaldi mentioned an early version of the costume from his 50th anniversary cameo that never made it on screen.

“From the start at the back of my head I had a dark thing going. When I appeared in the 50th, which was only this [gesturing at his brow], we had thrown together a costume just in case, and we had got the dark coat and dark trousers and I thought ‘oh this all looks quite good’.”

Yet despite this prototype, Capaldi went through the entire dressing up box before settling on the final version.

“We went round with lots of scarves and velvet jackets and floppy hats (everybody wants you in a floppy hat) and I wanted to be starker than that, sharper. But really it’s just a matter of trying stuff on until you feel like the Doctor, and when I tried that stuff on, I felt like the Doctor. I always thought of Doctor Who as being in dark colours, I guess because I grew up seeing the show in black and white.”

via Peter Capaldi supports Doctor Who cosplay.

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Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover? I’d do it says Steven Moffat   Leave a comment

It’s the crossover we have all been dying for: Sherlock meets Doctor Who. And it turns out that Steven Moffatt, writer and producer on both shows, is keen too.

At a Q&A session at the world premiere of Doctor Who series eight in Cardiff, an audience member asked if there was any chance of the crossover, perhaps for Comic Relief.

“Look I’m going to come clean on this: I would,” said Moffat. “Go speak to Cumberbatch, Freeman, Gatiss and Vertue, OK? They’re all in the way. I’m not the killjoy, it’s that lot. It’s probably not going to happen.”

Moffatt sympathised with the load groans from the audience: “I know!” he squealed, “What a bunch of killjoys I work with.”

Despite his own enthusiasm for the project, Moffatt can understand why it might be a bad idea. “You know in some ways, I think Mark’s got a point when he says that however good you imagine [the crossover], it would be almost better in your imagination than it would be if the two grand old egotists actually met. They’d just both go off in opposite corners and sulk that there was someone cleverer than them. [Imitating Sherlock/The Doctor] ‘No, I’m not going to do it, he can do it.'”

Still, that’s one person convinced. Only four more to go before all of our dreams (and fanfics) come true…

via Radio Times.

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