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Peter Capaldi talks about his ‘rock and roll’ wardrobe   Leave a comment

An extremely long scarf. An umbrella with a handle in the shape of a question mark. A fez. The lead character of British science fiction show Doctor Who has sported some very, let’s say, eye-catching accessories during the half-century history of the show, which returns for its latest season on BBC America August 23. But new Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi was determined that his Time Lord would keep things lean and mean, sartorially-speaking.

“I was keen to avoid items that can be fetishized and turned into merchandise,” says the actor ,who worked with costume designer Howard Burden to come up with the Twelfth Doctor’s look. “I’d always seen him in dark colors, maybe because that’s how I started with Doctor Who in the black and white days—all those Doctors tended to be dark.”

The Twelfth Doctor’s stripped-down outfit includes dark drainpipe pants, a white shirt, and a red silk-lined coat by British high-end fashion company Crombie, sales of which reportedly doubled after a photo of Capaldi in his time-traveling finery was released by the BBC back in January. “I went to art school, I like rock & roll, I like German expressionism,” says Capaldi. “We tried to pack all these things into quite a severe look, which I think looks cool, while being quite classic as well.”


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Adventures With The Wife In Space: Living With Doctor Who   Leave a comment

Neil loves Sue. He also loves Doctor Who. But can he bring his two great loves together?

In January 2011, Neil Perryman set out on an insane quest to make his wife Sue watch every episode of the classic series of Doctor Who from the very beginning. Even the ones that didn’t exist any more. And so, over the next two and half years, Sue gamely watched them all. The result was a wildly successful and hilariously revealing blog called Adventures with the Wife in Space.

But the adventure continues. Here Neil tells the all too true story of life as a Doctor Who fan. Funny, honest and surprisingly brave, he also captures perfectly the joys – and fears – of sharing the thing you love with the people you love. Adventures With the Wife in Space is, at its heart, the story of Doctor Who, and its fans, seen through the eyes of two people – one who knows almost nothing about the programme and another who knows way too much.

Order from Forbidden Planet 

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Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book 2014   Leave a comment

For over fifty years, Doctor Who has been one of the nation’s favourite programmes. Now you can discover just how much you know about it.

Straightforward or fiendish, easy or horrendously difficult, all 3000 questions in this book have one thing in common – a certain traveller through time and space. From Ace to Zoe and Axons to Zygons, it covers every single one of the almost 250 Doctor Who stories that have been broadcast since 1963.

So put on your brainy specs, pour yourself a nice glass of carrot juice and prepare to discover if you have the knowledge to graduate from Time Lord Academy…

Order from Forbidden Planet

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Now it’s your turn to land the TARDIS!   Leave a comment

Doctor Who: The World Tour foldable TARDIS


We’re probably crashing… but fear not, because here’s your chance to safely land the TARDIS ahead of Doctor Who: The World Tour, which kicks off in Cardiff on Thursday 7 August.

Simply download our TARDIS template, print it out and then carefully cut out and fold together to make your own tiny time-space machine.

Then photograph it in the best locations you can find and post them on Twitter, Tumblr or Instragram with the hashtag #DWWorldTour. We’ll showcase our favourites on official Doctor Who social media pages and websites – so make yours stand out!

So, just one question… do you happen to know how to fly this thing?


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Which old ‘Doctor Who’ monsters does Peter Capaldi want to bring back?   Leave a comment

We know Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord will encounter both Daleks and Cybermen in the forthcoming season of science fiction show Doctor Who, which premieres on BBC America Aug. 23. But what other old monsters from would Capaldi like to see return during his tenure in the TARDIS?

The Scottish actor and diehard Whovian has two beasties on his bucket list: The Axons, which Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor encountered in the 1971 adventure “The Claws of Axos,” and the original ’60s-era Cybermen. “Axons appeared as these kind of god-like creatures, but underneath they were festering bags of flesh,” says Capaldi. “I’d love to see a modern version of that. I’d also like to see—this is really one for geeks—the return of the Mondasian Cybermen. They came from the Planet Mondas and first appeared in [1966’s] ‘The Tenth Planet.’ They were absolutely terrifying, with cloth faces. That was really creepy.”

Unfortunately for Capaldi, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat doesn’t seem keen on either suggestion. “I always thought the Axons had a natural resemblance to a BAFTA,” says Moffat, referring to the British version of the Oscar. And the old-school Cybermen? “We’re not bringing those back, because they look like boys with [sweaters] pulled over their heads.” But Moffat insists this difference of opinion is unlikely to drive a wedge between showrunner and star: “We’re not having a fight about which kind of Cybermen are better!”

For more on Doctor Who, pick up a copy of this week’s Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday.


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New Tom Baker exhibit launching at Spaceport   Leave a comment

CaptureOn Sunday 3rd August, Spaceport will be welcoming a brand new Doctor Who exhibit to the Time Travellers exhibition. A lifelike sculpture of the fourth Doctor and Liverpool native, Tom Baker has been skilfully created by Phil Robinson and will be carefully installed by Phil this weekend.

Philip will also be on hand doing a painting demonstration based on Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones to show the techniques he uses to bring his work to life!

Some of your favourite sci-fi costume characters will also be appearing throughout the day!*


Spaceport will be invaded with costume characters as part of our Time Travellers exhibition!

Come and see some of your favourite costume characters on the following dates:

Saturday 6th September
Saturday 8th November
Saturday 21st February 2015
Saturday 16th May 2015

Costume characters will appear 11am – 12.30pm and then 1.30pm – 3.30pm.

*Characters created by Hyde Fundraisers to raise funds for BBC Children in Need and other nominated charities.

More details at the  Spaceport Website.

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