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BBC America announces special programming and nationwide cinema release for Deep Breath   Leave a comment

To celebrate a new beginning for Doctor Who – as award-winning actor Peter Capaldi takes the TARDIS helm – BBC America have announced a raft of special programming and theatrical events for American fans.

On BBC America

The new season of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, August 23, 8pm ET on BBC America, with the pulse-racing first episode, Deep Breath.

Before and after that, comedian and Doctor Who superfan Chris Hardwick will host Doctor Who: Live Pre-Show at 7:30pm ET and Doctor Who: After Who Live at 11pm ET following the premiere of Intruders on August 23. The pre-show and post-show will feature an array of guests in the studio including writer and actor Mark Gatiss, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

In the lead up to Doctor Who’s new season, BBC America will premiere a series of specials including Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion on Saturday, August 16, 9pm ET followed by The Real History of Science Fiction: Time at 10pm ET and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord on Monday, August 18, 10pm ET.

The Doctor Who Takeover Week marathon will kick off Monday, August 18, 8am ET. Starting August 6, will give fans a chance to vote for their favorite Doctor Who episodes – the top selections of this “Make Your Own Sunday” poll will run in a BBC America marathon on Sunday, August 24.

In Theaters

BBC America and Fathom Events are teaming up again for two days of theatrical screening events of Doctor Who Season Premiere: Deep Breath in the US This electrifying episode will be shown in select cinemas across the US and will also include 15 minutes of cinema exclusive bonus content.

On Saturday August 23, there will be 12 theatrical events in 12 cities at 12am/midnight to celebrate the launch of the new season. More information will be announced on August 5 at

On Monday, August 25, the celebration goes nationwide with showings at 7pm and 9:30pm (local time). The event will be presented in more than 550 select movie theaters around the country through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network. Tickets are now available for Doctor Who Season Premiere: Deep Breath at participating theater box offices and online at

For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit our Doctor Who cinema map (theaters and participants are subject to change).

And please note: We want you to have fun at these cinema events – but safety is paramount. Attending in costume is fine, however masks, face-concealing make-up, fake weapons, tools, accessories (like sonic screwdrivers) as well as any costumes that conceal what you are carrying, your natural body shape or face are strictly prohibited.

On Tour

Ahead of the new season premiere, Doctor Who: The World Tour will see the stars visiting seven cities across five continents in 12 days to publicize the upcoming season. Details about the New York visit on August 14 will be announced in the coming days. More information on the itinerary for Cardiff (UK), London (UK), Seoul (South Korea), Sydney (Australia), Mexico City (Mexico) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is available on our World Tour microsite.

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Peter Capaldi thought he was ‘too old’ to play the Doctor   Leave a comment

Peter Capaldi thought he was too old for Doctor Who, according to a new interview.

The 56-year-old actor is to make his debut as the titular Time Lord next month but he admits he had given up hope of landing the coveted role as he thought producers would replace predecessor Matt Smith, 31, with an actor similar in age.

Capaldi told Entertainment Weekly magazine: “I wouldn’t have thought I would be the guy. I wouldn’t have thought it would be me, because of my age. I would have thought they were automatically heading younger.”

He then quipped: “I’m technically too young for the part, because he’s over 2,000 years old!”

Executive producer Steven Moffat insists Peter isn’t too old for the part because there’s “no right age to be the Doctor”.

He explained: “I did say, ‘No, we probably won’t end up with another quirky young man.’ I didn’t think there was any space around Matt to have another Doctor of that kind, because he sort of sums up what you could do with that. I very, very quickly – very quickly – just thought about Peter.”

via Mirror Online.

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Deep Breath to be screened in cinemas across the UK and Ireland   Leave a comment

As part of BBC Worldwide’s global event celebrations to mark Peter Capaldi’s debut series of Doctor Who, UK fans will have the opportunity to see the first episode of series 8 in cinemas in the UK and Ireland, as well as on BBC One, on 23 August 2014.

To celebrate the launch of series 8, an exclusive cinema event will take place at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on August 23 with some very special guests in attendance.

This one-off event will feature a ‘never seen before’ five minute video from an upcoming Doctor Who DVD release and a special ten minute behind-the-scenes of episode 1 feature*, followed by a Q&A with the guest stars that will be streamed live into participating cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

A limited number of tickets for the Leicester Square Cinema Event will be available to the public and can be purchased via, on Friday 1 August at 10am.

Cinema tickets for other participating cinemas will go on sale Friday 1 August from 11am.

More information regarding cinemas screening the episode and showing the live stream of the Q&A from the Leicester Square Cinema Event will be made available on soon.

This year’s screenings follow the huge success of the global cinema screenings for the show’s record-breaking 50th anniversary episode – The Day of the Doctor – in November 2013. In addition to the episode being simulcast on TV in 98 territories, fans were also able to enjoy the episode on the big screen in over 1500 cinemas around the world.

Stephen Davies, Director for Live Events, said “Following the tremendous success of the 50th anniversary screenings, this is another wonderful opportunities for fans to get together to celebrate another major milestone and enjoy the amazing opening episode of the Peter Capaldi era on the big screen”.

*The behind-the-scenes content will also available on BBC Red Button and BBC iPlayer.

FAQs for Leicester Square cinema event

Why are the Odeon Leicester Square tickets more expensive than other participating cinemas?
The Odeon Leicester Square event will feature an exclusive live Q&A with special guests in person, so the ticket prices are slightly higher to reflect this.

When and where can I buy tickets?
Tickets will be available on the Odeon London Leicester Square website from Friday 1 August at 10am.

Will it be in 3D?
No (but it will still look incredible on the big screen!)

Will I get the chance to see the special guests?
After the episode, the special guests will appear on stage for a special live Q&A session.

When will you release the names of the special guests?
We will release the names of the special guests very soon.

Is this a family event?
Absolutely – this is an event that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The episode has been given a PG certification.

Will refreshments be available?
Your ticket for the event at the Odeon, Leicester Square will include popcorn and water, which will be found on your seat. Refreshments will also be available to purchase.

Will I be able to buy any Doctor Who merchandise?
Merchandise will be not available on the day however you can purchase Doctor Who merchandise from

Will I get to see anything extra in the cinema?
Before the episode starts, you’ll get to watch a ‘never seen before’ five minute video from an upcoming Doctor Who DVD release. After the episode, there’ll be a special ten minute behind-the-scenes of episode 1 feature, followed by the live Q&A. The Q&A will be streamed live into participating cinemas in the UK and Ireland and the behind-the-scenes content will be available on BBC Red Button and BBC iPlayer.

What time will it end?
The event will finish between 10 – 10.30pm.

Can I dress up?
Yes! Grab your Fez, dust off your TARDIS dress and come dressed in your Doctor Who finery – although please do not wear masks or bring any props that resemble weapons. You may not be allowed entry into the cinema.

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Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has “elements of Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee” says director Ben Wheatley   Leave a comment

The Kill List director also says that Capaldi reminds him of classic-era Doctors such as Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee

Along with the casting of an older Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who series eight will apparently also go back to its classic roots in terms of tone, according to director Ben Wheatley.

Wheatley, who directs opener Deep Breath along with an as-yet unnamed second episode, has been sharing his thoughts on how the show will change from the era of eleventh Doctor Matt Smith.

“For me, they’re back to classic Who,” he said, “or the mid-Tennant adventures, where you’d tell a story and move on to the next one, less tied up in the final machinations of long plot arcs.”

Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor was defined by a huge overarching story over three series – later revealed to entirely revolve around the planet of Trenzalore and the return of the Time Lords. Reactions to the plot were mixed, with some fans feeling that it was oddly paced and convoluted. Classic Doctor Who and, to some extent, Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who, however, were more concerned with stand-alone stories, with the latter tending to restrict his overarching themes to subtle references to something which would later become clear in a series finale.

As well as talking about the tone of the new series, Wheatley also revealed that he was excited about Capaldi taking the lead, comparing him to classic-era Doctors.

“Capaldi’s his own man but there are elements of [Tom] Baker and [Patrick] Troughton and [Jon] Pertwee,” he told Empire. “He’s inherently funny but inherently brooding and complicated, as a performer and a man.”

As well as Doctor Who, Wheatley is also the director of dark, blackly comic films Kill List, Sightseers and A Field in England. He is currently directing an adaptation of JG Ballard’s High Rise, which will star Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller.

Speaking of getting the chance to direct Doctor Who, he said earlier this year that he was, “achieving his childhood dreams.”

“It’s very good,” he said of shooting the new episodes in Wales. “It’s very tiring and it’s a lot of stuff to do very quickly. Peter Capaldi is excellent and I’ve been able to go into the Tardis and do all this stuff I always dreamt of doing as a 9-year-old.”

Ben Wheatley is the first high-profile film director to helm an episode of Doctor Who but may not be the last. Earlier this month, showrunner Steven Moffat said that talks for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson to direct an episode were still ongoing and, “actually kind of serious.”

“He’s still incredibly busy on The Hobbit,” said Moffat. “I’ve spoken to him face to face, and he would like to do one. He accepts that there’s no money and that there’s no time, and it would have to be when he’s available – and I don’t think he’s even been available enough to answer our emails of late! I think it will probably happen at some point.”

Doctor Who returns with series eight opener Deep Breath on Saturday 23rd August on BBC1.

via Radio Times.

Tales Of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor’s Last Stand   Leave a comment

As it had been foretold, the armies of the Universe gathered at Trenzalore. Only one thing stood between the planet and destruction – the Doctor. For nine hundred years, he defended the planet, and the tiny town of Christmas, against the forces that would destroy it.

Some of what happened during those terrible years is well documented. But most of it has remained shrouded in mystery and darkness. Until now.

This is a glimpse of just some of the terrors the people faced, the monstrous threats the Doctor defeated. These are the tales of the monsters who found themselves afraid – and of the one man who was not.

(Tales of Trenzalore collects four of the Doctor’s adventures from different periods during the Siege of Trenzalore and the ensuing battle:

  • Let it Snow – by Justin Richards
  • An Apple a Day – by George Mann
  • Strangers in the Outland – by Paul Finch
  • The Dreaming – by Mark Morris)

Order from Forbidden Planet

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We reveal the author of the new Doctor Who adventure!   Leave a comment

Newflash: A 12th Doctor needs a 12th adventure by a 12th author – and Holly Black has got the job!

Holly Black’s new story Lights Out celebrates the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. Photograph: Huw Evans/REX

There’s been a lot of speculation on who is writing the 12th story in Puffin’s series of Doctor Who adventures – to celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the newly regenerated Doctor.

Twitter was briefly alight a couple of weeks ago with the incorrect news that it was Frank Cottrell Boyce and before that some diehard fans were convinced JK Rowling had the job!

But now the Guardian children’s books site can reveal the truth: it’s bestselling American sci fi and fantasy writer author Holly Black, who rose to literary stardom with The Spiderwick Chronicles.

“It’s a huge honour to get to write a story in such an amazing science fiction universe, one which makes for an ultimate writer’s playground with it’s flexibility across time and space,” said Holly. “I am a big fan of the series and of the Doctor himself, our alien hero who reminds us over and over of our humanity and carries a screwdriver instead of a gun.”

Now Holly Black who joins the distinguished list of authors involved in this exciting project: Eoin Colfer, Michael Stott, Marcus Sedgwick, Philip Reeve, Patrick Ness, Richelle Mead, Malorie Blackman, Alex Scarrow, Charlie Higson and Neil Gaiman.

Holly’s story is called Lights Out and will be available as an eBook and will be included in a paperback anthology of Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories on 23 October 2014, originally published (minus Holly’s story of course) as 11 Doctors, 11 Stories.


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New Photos from the New Series   Leave a comment

On Saturday, 23 August, the new series begins with a feature-length episode called Deep Breath. We’ve had glimpses of the adventure in teasers and trailers but here are new photos that give us a further hint at what’s ahead…

The image above is, of course, the Doctor himself: Peter Capaldi! In this shot he’s wearing the Eleventh Doctor’s clothes so at this point he presumably hasn’t got his hands on his smart new attire…

The image below is another shot of the Doctor, this time looking slightly more austere…

It’s Madam Vastra! (Below) And the self-proclaimed ‘lizard woman from the dawn of time’ isn’t the only familiar face returning in Deep Breath. Vastra (played by Neve McIntosh) will be joined by her fellow members of the Paternoster Gang – Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and the Sontaran, Strax (Dan Starkey).

Partners in crime? It’s the Doctor, deep in discussion with Clara…

And finally, here’s another shot of the Time Lord and his companion – both back on BBC One on 23 August! Don’t forget, you can watch trailers and teasers for the new series now!



via BBC – Blogs – Doctor Who

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