▶ The Last of The Time Lords – Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars – BBC – YouTube   Leave a comment


As Ed prepares the shuttle for take-off, Maggie infiltrates the shuttle and blasts water up the shaft into the pilot room, which cascades over Ed’s arm, infecting him with the virus. However, just as the infection consumes him, and his eyes turn white-blue, Ed bids Adelaide, Yuri and Mia a final farewell, “See you later”, and triggers the shuttle’s self-destruct system, which traps the Flood on Mars but leaves the rest of the crew stranded with no means of escape. The Doctor, who narrowly avoids being caught in the blast, is inspired to fight back against time, as he realises that he is the last Time Lord, and returns to the base to save the crew.


Posted March 27, 2014 by Whoogle News in WhoTube Video's

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