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Want to go on adventures in time and space? Of course you do; adventures are cool – and when you buy the door to the last known living TARDIS in the universe you can.

This genuine futuristic antique features an unusual interior with unique spatial anomaly* and retro police box exterior. Featuring a built in telephone – for display only** – the door may be opened by a click of the fingers. Although truthfully speaking only one man, if you can call him that, had ever successfully activated this functionality.

The TARDIS has had one previous careless owner but she\’s still in mint condition. More or less. Well more kind of more than less really if you\’re going to get all technical.

But don\’t let that put you off. This is the most secure door in the universe, its strength and durability have been subjected to the Hordes of Genghis Khan Test™ by the Mongol leader himself.

This iconic blue door is your gateway to the most exciting ride of your life. What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: All adventures in time and/or space are undertaken at owner\’s own risk. UK Oak Doors cannot accept liability for encounters with monsters, aliens, parallel universes or other potentially unpleasant timey-wimey stuff resulting from ownership of the TARDIS door.

*it\’s bigger on the inside.

**except in impossible circumstances.

Order here UKOakDoors.


Posted November 22, 2013 by Whoogle News in Merchandise News

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