Doctor Who prop-maker to make officially licensed replicas   Leave a comment

Get your own Squareness Gun or Dalek death ray from the craftsman behind Matt Smith’s Sonic Screwdriver, along with many other iconic Doctor Who props.

Nick Robatto, one of Doctor Who’s longest serving prop-makers, has announced the launch of his new company, Rubbertoe Replicas, which will create accurate and handcrafted replica props and memorabilia.

View a gallery of the replicas here >>

These include Dalek Death Ray Stalks, Captain Jack’s Sonic Blaster and River Song’s Squareness Gun. Plus memorabilia items based on screen used props, such as Gallifreyan symbol coasters, TARDIS console plaques, and Sonic Screwdriver holders.

All products are available through the company’s online shop, (this links to a site beyond our control).

Nick Robatto has been one of the principal prop-makers for Doctor Who since 2005, as well as Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Merlin and Wizards vs Aliens. Notable props include the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and the new TARDIS console.

via Doctor Who.


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