BBC Radio 4 Extra – Doctor Who – Death In Blackpool   Leave a comment

4 Extra Debut. The journey home for Christmas leads to major revelations for the Time Lord’s companion. Stars Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith.

New Next Week! Episode 1 to 5 of 10
A new series of ten original Dr Who episodes starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith.

We travel back to the Paul McGann era for a new series of adventures with the titular Time Lord. With him is bolshie Blackpool girl Lucie Miller, played by Sheridan Smith. On a previous excursion into the past, the Doctor was forced to hide a terrible secret about Lucie’s Auntie Pat. He meant to protect her, but could his well-meaning deception now begin to unravel? What will it mean for Lucie if it does? Can she ever trust the Doctor again?

Death In Blackpool, Situation Vacant, Nevermore, The Book Of Kells and Deimos

Monday at 6pm

via BBC Radio 4 Extra


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